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We are the manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of wiping rags and textile waste. With our skilled & well-experienced team, we are always here to help and ensure consignments around the globe.

Crafting Quality The Art of Rag Preparation

Experience the precision behind our sustainable rags. Watch as we transform raw materials into high-quality products with a commitment to eco-friendliness at MMSWTCO.


Building quality from the ground up with our services


Any kind of customized packaging can be done as per buyers’ requirements including leaflets, QR, and labels.

Logistics and Expedited

Our well-experienced and highly skilled professional team of C&F provides excellent shipping service.

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Committed to Quality

We prioritize delivering exceptional quality and ensuring buyers’ contentment

New Cotton White Knit Wiping Rags

Mixed Cotton White Knit Wiping Rags

Washed Cotton White Knit Wiping Rags

Mixed Color Cotton Knit Wiping Rags

Machine cut Premium Knit Wiping Rag

White Cotton Clips

Mixed Color Cotton Clips


Denim Clips

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